Friday, October 31, 2008

Too funny...

Talk about perfect timing, but last night as I was typing something that was on my mind concerning kids (all my many kids), Chris left the comments on my other post. Well… there was no way my next post could not be about him, even though amazingly I mentioned him in the one I wrote!! So I saved that one *to be posted next* and waited. Sorry, I was too tired to write this last night!!

Yes, Chris is another that I claim as one of mine! He and Josh were inseparable growing up from about Jr. High I guess. They pretty much did everything together – as a matter of fact the only time either of them got into “real” trouble, they were together! And usually Bull was with them as well. Oh, and for anyone that doesn’t know, I’m talking about Sue’s son, from The Cotton Patch :)

He is right too, he was always there on Saturday mornings, especially during High School football season, and he’d always go to the store for me. Yes Sue, I’d let him drive my car before he had his license… but it was just down the road and across the street. *thanks for telling on me son* LOL

I don’t get to see Chris any more – he moved away for college, then married a wonderful young lady and has started a beautiful family in Louisiana. But baby boy, I always have and always will love you and consider you one of my children! So I guess if Josh is the oldest, and Bull is the baby, and Patrick is the youngest… that must make you ~ the middle child :)

So in the spirit of motherhood, let me say with all seriousness – you better get your tail over here to see me next time you are home or endure my wrath!!! xoxo

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One of those days…

Ever had one? I’m sure you have, we all have. Well, I’ve kind of had one for about 4 days in a row now! For instance, it’s already a busy time at work… end of month always is (I’m on a deadline to close-out each month). Then one of my staff had a medical emergency this past weekend and has been out all week, and possibly next week. We just had a huge event with tons, and I do mean TONS, of gifts to process that we are still finishing up while working on another huge event that is this weekend. Tons more gifts already, and to come. Plus the saying is so true, when it rains it pours… everybody and their brother has picked this week to hand me stacks – literally – of checks from one person, or a fundraiser, etc.

So I don’t know if the stress of it all has just caught up with me, if I’m just really very tired, or what… but today I just got the “blahs”! You know, where you just can’t seem to get motivated to do anything and even when you do it still doesn’t feel like you’ve gotten much accomplished.

Anyway – I am extremely thankful for tomorrow… for it is Friday :) The day I get to wear blue jeans, no high heels, an Alabama sweatshirt ~ ~ ~ ahhh ~ ~ ~ TGIF. And I get to work extremely hard all day to meet my deadline, but I feel like the little train – I think I can, I think I can. As Sir Winston Churchill once said…

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

I think I will choose to be an optimist :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bella Boo...

Isabella had so much fun, and was such a good girl!! I think mommy & daddy had a good time too! I know Nana did... I loved every minute, every smile, every giggle, well - you get the idea!

A quick pet peeve...

OK – so I know enough about websites like this one to know that pre-set ‘gadgets’, or links come and go. If you’ve been to my page before you know I put one on here when I first created it of beaches, it would show a different beach scene each time you re-opened the page.

Apparently that site no longer exists… fine. You’d think I would open my page to find nothing there, or at the very least something comparable (as you can see, they have several since I easily replaced it). Instead I opened my page today to find my pretty beach scenes had been replaced with vintage pin-up girls, not to mention the included link to ‘hot pin-up girls’. Seriously, are you kidding me?? Do you see anything on my page indicating I would have any interest in pin-up girls, vintage or hot????

Monday, October 27, 2008

I have a confession…

I’ve talked about my “2” sons, but the truth is I really have 3 :) My beloved Patrick is the third. G’pa Cookie and I have always said Josh is the oldest, Bull is the baby, and Patrick is the youngest! He truly has been just like our own and is every bit as much a brother to both Josh & Bull as they are to each other. Now please understand, he has wonderful parents that he is very close to; but we still claim him as ours too :)

This also means I have yet another beauty to claim as a daughter-in-law – and she really is! Inside and out, this girl has proven to be such a lovely and precious young woman who has stolen my heart! She cooks up some mean shrimp at the beach by the way, and is apparently pretty artistic, just see below, lol :)

And … drum roll please … Beth & Patrick have started their own little family --- meet the newest addition to my “grand” children, Price ‘Alston’ Scott; which makes him my first grandson I suppose :) Isn’t he simply gorgeous? He’s such a good baby too!! I love him. And my true confession… I just got this film developed, that is the only reason this post is so old and why Alston wasn’t on my page when I first set it up :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A lifetime Alabama fan in 2008…

Yay! The Tide continues to roll – and of course when it is a steam roll over Tennessee, it just don’t get much better (ok, so it does in November; but not by much). You’d think we’d just be able to enjoy a nice, winning season wouldn’t you? Not true when you live in Alabama, especially not when Auburn isn’t enjoying quite the same kind of year!

I don’t think anything has made me laugh so much as hearing things like ‘AL fans coming out of the wood-work’, or ‘where were all you fans 3 years ago’, etc. Oh sorry… I didn’t actually mean funny “ha ha” laugh!! Alabama fans are the most devoted people I know for crying out loud – we have stuck it out through some really tough times! Maybe a few more flags are flying than last year or the year before, but wouldn’t that be true of any team that has worked their way up to a #2 ranking mid-season??

I was asked a couple weeks ago what it feels like to be an Alabama fan right now, my reply was simple… Normal!! Maybe I should ask where all the non-Alabama fans have been all these years – surely not in this state or you’d know we have 12 National Championships; 21 SEC Championships (25 if you count the 4 we won before the SEC was 'officially' formed) – and the only team to win 5 consecutively; and we might as well add 55 Bowl appearances, with 31 of them wins, to our resume!!

So… Alabama fans have always been here, where we belong, faithfully standing behind our team and waiting patiently for the tradition to continue. Why would we go any where? We ended the 2007 season with an all-time record of 774-301-43. Now that is Alabama Football :) And I’ll Just ‘keep’ Sayin’ so … win or loose!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My First Time...

What a monumental moment – my first post :) Well, to me anyway! When I first started reading Kristin’s posts on here, which in turn took me to other’s pages (some I know and some I don’t), I began to get this sinking feeling that I was going to quickly like this too much!! G’pa Cookie will be so disappointed to find I have yet another reason to be on the computer, well, after hunting season when he has time to realize it (I have just fallen victim to my 31st year as a ‘hunting widow’). Oh, don’t feel sorry for me, I love this time of year as much as he does – it has probably played a huge role in the success of our long marriage :)

Which brings me to this… since you can’t put all about yourself in the ‘About Me’ section; I’ll share a little more – just in case you’re interested. I married my high school sweetheart, cliché but true, at a very young age. I had just turned 17 and he had just turned 18… I do not recommend it to young people, trust me; but it worked for us ~ truly by God’s Grace!! At age 18 I had my first child and when I was 20, I had two sons, both under the age of 2. Was it hard at times? Very! Would I change any of it? Of course not! I cannot imagine my life being any different, then or now... Just look at these 3 beauties I got out of it :)

OK – so I don’t want to write books here, so I’ll share more about me, or whatever, later… like how I’m sure I’ll be eating the words “I don’t care to have a digital camera until I can afford one just like my 35mm”. (I have a great camera G’pa bought me with an additional extra large zoom lense – sorry K; I know I am probably not calling it the right thing, lol; which I absolutely love). Now I’m realizing I don’t get to take current, on-the-spot pictures to post with my blogs!! Maybe I’ll invest in a small, inexpensive digital, in the meantime, enjoy a couple that I have on file…