Saturday, May 30, 2009

Short & Sweet...

Wow, I know it has been forever since I've posted anything in here! I have a "wordy" blog I'm thinking through / working on - but until then; I have just a few pictures loaded on my computer that I realized I haven't shared yet. Instead of posting all of them, or trying to decide which ones to post, I just made a little album. So please click HERE and visit the world of Ella and Isabella :)

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring and I'll be back in the world of blogging full-time soon!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ground Breaking...

Aren’t we something? This is ‘almost’ all of the Birmingham gang; the Children’s Hospital Foundation staff that works out of the main office. Only two are missing, they had to be at a Golf Tournament early that morning. Others on staff that are missing are the Outreach Coordinators that work (and live) in various locations across the state.

Of course the picture also includes the hospital CEO, Mike Warren (holding the shovel). It was a great day – the official ground breaking for our new facility; see the rendering of it behind us in the photo? It is going to be an awesome hospital for our precious little patients!!

It really is an incredible feeling to know that the group in this picture is very much a part of being responsible for the reality of this new facility – we successfully ran a $100,000,000 campaign!! YAY us :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What a wonderful weekend with beautiful granddaughters :)

Even Maw-Maw Fields got to spend time with them!!

Ella played catch with her mommy!

Isabella played football with G'pa Cookie!

They both love playing on the slide with Nana!

Isabella got a present all the way from Disney from Ella!

Ella ate all my Reese's cups :)

Isabella was in a very loving mood :)

After telling me many, many, many stories about Disney, Ella became very sleepy!

Auntie K should be very proud... Ella took this picture of G'pa Cookie!

And this one of Kelso; all by herself - very good job Ella!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby shower and Birthday party…

My niece, Amy, is expecting her first baby in June. Last week was her baby shower and she received some beautiful things for “Caroline Seay”. That name is very special to those of us in my family; it is the name of my sister that was still-born. She would have been the 2nd oldest.

I’m very excited for Amy and Daniel and can’t wait to meet baby Caroline :)

One of the most special gifts Amy received was from her mom. She gave her the baby quilt that our mom made for Amy, as well as a homemade dress with a slip she made her.

She also gave her a vintage ‘dressing gown’ worn by Amy’s dad when he was a baby, as well as a little dress given to my sister by her husband’s grandmother at her baby shower for Amy.

Yesterday was my great-niece’s birthday party. Chloe turns 3 years old tomorrow, May 4th. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

She got some really fun presents, including a special surprise bike from her mom and dad.

I got to take Isabella, and she had big, big fun :)