Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Sayin’…

Well, I’m at home today feeling rough – sinuses, yuk! So I thought I’d take this opportunity to put on paper (or on ‘screen’ as it is) a couple things. I just don’t seem to have time lately, or maybe it really is lack of things to say, to blog much. This is really strange since I do enjoy it so much :)

Even though this happened a few weeks ago, I want to tell you about the latest “fun” thing with my dogs. Certainly it is true love between those two – always has been. Fancy was a little over a year old and had recently gotten over her surgery of being “fixed” when Kelso came along as a little puppy (you can actually see her scar in this picture; and how little they both are). It was an instant bond! Kelso clung to Fancy like she was his mommy, and Fancy reciprocated thinking he was indeed her baby!! The bond has only grown over the years, and they are inseparable! That is until one fateful day…

Cookie was the last one to leave and unknowingly closed our bedroom door with only Kelso still inside the bedroom (he is very quite and won’t bark to let you know these things like Fancy will). So all day the two were separated in the rooms by the door – and they DID NOT like it, as you can see in these pictures *which is what it looks like now, I didn’t think to take pictures of the mess on day of* (obviously Fancy was the more determined one and Kelso was the more traumatized one)…

Fancy’s attempt to “dig” him out from the living room side of the door

Kelso’s attempt to “dig” himself out from the bedroom side of the door

So, this time two weeks from now I’ll be lying on Pensacola Beach – WooHoo!! I am counting down the days, trust me, I’m more than ready for vacation. It has been a very busy, very stressful year!! Of course the most excited thing about our annual trip to P’cola for the Blue Angels Air Show now is the babies!! I’m absolutely giddy over having the kids and grandkids there (which of course includes Beth, Patrick & Alston). Cookie and I are leaving on Saturday, July 4th, also very exciting because we love the fireworks at the beach; and we will be there until Sunday, July 12th – man, that is music to my ears :) The kids are all coming down on Tuesday and will be there until Sunday; won’t that be fun!! Josh, Kristin, Ella, Bull, Isabella, Patrick, Beth, Alston, all together with G’pa Cookie and Nana at the beach… God is good and I’m so thankful for Him blessing us with this special time! Be sure to check either mine, Kristin, or Beth’s blog for updates while we are there – I’m sure at least one, or all, of us will be posting about our big fun… I hear it even includes a trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo :)

Well, for any of you that stuck it out for this long post, I’ll end with these few pictures of my beautiful granddaughters :)

Ella brushing her teeth with Nana last time she spent the night

Her beautiful hair – she insisted we use all the clippies she picked out

Just being her beautiful self :)

Isabella showing off her new Alabama swim suit

Bella was tickled about going swimming with her daddy

Eating a hotdog and cheese curls with Nana – and being way too cute for words :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Miss Caroline Sheree Seay, my new great-niece. She is just beautiful and such a sweet baby! I went to Florence Sunday and spent the day with her, her mommy (my niece Amy), her great-grandmother (Nanny), and her grandparents (my sister Myra and her husband Tony). I wish she didn’t live so far away, but I hope to see her again as soon as possible!!