Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been a while…

... since I posted real thoughts, etc. Yeah, I know – I’m a horrible blogger! In a few months when it gets cold; hunting season starts back; and possibly things slow down for me personally; I’ll find myself with more time to share and write thoughts again. It was hunting season last year when I started my blog after all. I do spend a lot of time on Facebook – but that’s mostly because I can access/update it from my phone (usually while sitting in traffic).

So on this ‘occasion’, here’s a couple things – I recently had “another” birthday (boy they sure do come around quickly now). My sweet family took me to dinner and for ice cream and I really enjoyed it, luckily Isabella was here and got to join us! Thank you Cookie, Kristin, Josh, Ella, Bull and Bella – we missed you Patrick, Beth and Alston! Ella, and her mommy, made me the best birthday card I have ever received – I love it!!

Also, we got to have Bella again this past weekend! Having her 2 weekends in a row is so wonderful!

Oh, and by the way - we knew Bella loved ketchup, and we had discovered she really likes ranch dressing... but this past weekend I think we may have found her true love: honey mustard :)


Cassie Fields said...

You really hit home with me because I wish all grandparents wanted to see their granchildren as much as you do!
I hope things work out for you guys to see Bella more, she is adorable!

Sue said...

I understand how it is with no posting as often in the summer. I feel like I have too much to do outside. I enjoy reading blogs but just haven't posted as often as before. I really enjoy reading yours....you write from your heart and I love it. The pictures of your grandbabies are just precious...you are such a wonderful NANA!

Anonymous said...

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